Sundays for 7-12th Grade Youth

Youth Sunday School 9:30 am

Youth Group 2:00 pm (during the school year)

Youth Group begins with game time then transitions into a Bible lesson.

First and foremost we recognize that youth’s greatest need is to have their hearts transformed by the Holy Spirit so that they may go from a state of rebellion against God to a heart of repentance and trust in Jesus Christ. We are committed to proclaiming the Word of God in our youth meetings with this goal in mind. While it is good to have fun, we believe a young person’s greatest needs can only be met through a restored relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. Because of this, the Word of God plays a central role in our youth gathering.

Not only do we want to see youth converted to Christ, but we also want to help them in their pursuit of Christ through discipleship. Jesus defined discipleship as instructing and teaching those who had publicly identified themselves with Christ in baptism, to obey all that He had commanded them (Matt 28:18–20). Therefore we endeavor to teach the young people in our care the Bible and apply its truths to their lives for their ultimate good.