High View of God:

We commit to point people to an almighty, sovereign, omniscient God who is working everything out in accordance to His perfect plan to the praise of His own glory who has made Himself known in the person and work of the Lord Jesus.

God’s Mission:

We commit to make God’s mission central to the ministry of the church. We will do this by being both corporately and individually involved in making disciples both locally and globally.

Fidelity to the Word of God:

We commit to expositional preaching and teaching the Word of God to every age, seeking to explain and apply the Word of God to all who are present in the preaching and/or teaching event. It is our desire to preach the ‘full counsel of God.’

Clarity in the Gospel:

We commit to bring great clarity to the gospel of the Lord Jesus understanding that as Christians we never get beyond the gospel. We will seek to preach and teach in such a way that the gospel is clearly explained and then applied to peoples’ lives.

Elder Leadership:

We commit to a plurality of godly, qualified men leading the church, guarding the church from error, and serving as an example in loving Christ, His Word, and His people.

Training Up the Next Generation:

We commit to training and equipping the next generation of leaders to lead in both their homes and the church.

Living in a True Gospel Community:

We commit to truly love one another as the Lord Jesus has loved us; treating one another with grace and kindness, encouraging one another in the faith, coming alongside one another when we see sin in one another’s life and restoring one another to useful service.

Corporate and Individual Prayer:

We commit to make prayer central in corporate gatherings of the church as well as to encourage one another to make prayer a priority in one another’s lives.

Fellowship Bible Church exists to know Christ and to make Him known.