open journal and cup of coffeeFellowship Bible Church began in the early part of 1982 as the Lord was working in a group of people in the Newman Grove area, stirring their hearts for an independent church that was devoted to Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Bible.

In the Lord’s providence, a body of believers began meeting officially as Fellowship Bible Church in the summer of 1982. Since those beginning days, the people of FBC have witnessed the Lord’s good hand in the completion of a building on a 5 acre site on the eastern edge of Newman Grove. Through the years, the Lord has provided faithful and gifted shepherds to feed and care for His people in this rural community.

The church began with a hunger to know and honor God as He has revealed Himself in His written Word, the Bible. The church continues today, almost 40 years later, with that same desire to be faithful to God through studying and obeying the Bible and being faithful witnesses for Jesus the Christ